Benefits Of Concierge Medicine To Patients

Concierge medicine offers patients quality personalized and readily accessible care. Concierge doctors manage hundreds of patients at any particular time which is a smaller number compared to the thousands of patients attended to by conventional doctors. This translates to better healthcare attention. Here are some benefits of getting a concierge doctor near me as part of your healthcare plan.

The main benefit of concierge medicine is that they provide more frequent and longer appointments. The majority of people make appointments with their doctors when they fall sick as well as when they need their prescription filled. This often takes weeks and months in the traditional sense even though you are still paying good money. The concierge doctors have significantly fewer patients and are better positioned to see their patients on short notice, more frequently, and for a longer period. The average concierge doctor spends about thirty minutes with their patients which is significantly lower than eight minutes spent by traditional doctors. This way the patient and the doctor form better relationships and can better understand the medical history of the patient.

The other benefit of concierge medicine is that doctors are more available. When you opt to have a concierge doctor, what you pay ensures that you have more access to your physician. Many reputable concierge doctors often call, email, text or evens skype with their patients whenever they are needed. They are always available to answer health questions even after business hours. You can always get the same-day or next-day appointments when you work with a concierge doctor.

Concierge doctors offer preventive care which is more effective than reactive care. When doctors see patients more often, they begin to focus on how to prevent the development of the disease. The concierge doctors take their time to have a professional look at the health history of their patients which helps them in the identification and diagnosis of issues as they develop and not when they are already life-threatening.

Getting a concierge doctor is also advantageous because they can manage every aspect of the patient’s healthcare. Concierge doctors spend more time talking with their patients about various issues and they can see the relationship between them and how they contribute to the overall health. When you have a doctor who knows about your entire medical history, you can be confident of accurate diagnoses and better health. Find a qualified and experienced concierge doctor for better health. Find out more about What is a concierge doctor? here.

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